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Behind-the-scenes (BTS) content showcases your brand's unique essence and human side, building trust and engagement. Reveal your creativity and team dynamics to captivate your audience and help your brand thrive.

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At the premiere of "The Guru Documentary" during the Sunscreen Film Festival, the Chani Cuts creative team was in full force, capturing every moment behind the scenes. Comprised of young, talented creators, the team of 18 creators expertly handled photography, cinematography, and social media content over the three-day event. Their dynamic approach not only documented the excitement and intricacies of the festival but also showcased the depth and creativity of the documentary's theme. Through their lenses, the energy and spirit of the premiere were immortalized, providing an authentic and engaging look at the artistic process behind the film.

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Chani Cuts skillfully captured the behind-the-scenes magic of the feature film "Mother Nature and the Doomsday Prepper." This fantasy rom-com was produced by Lite Wave Media in St. Petersburg, Florida. Throughout the filming, Chani Cuts gathered extensive behind-the-scenes content, crafting a documentary that showcases the creation of the feature film. This documentary also highlights the experiences of the cast and staff, offering an intimate glimpse into the dynamic atmosphere on set.

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